Are BaseStat tables outdated?

I’m sorry for asking maybe such a stupid question. I’m just a level 70 rogue but I still use AMR to learn about combat stats and best use of skills. You level 120 raid veteran players may now laugh at me… it’s fine. :joy:

Anyway, the simulated DPS I get is way off for my character. I can do around 400-450 DPS, but AMR tells me I should be able to do over 800 DPS, yeah no. My used spells aren’t that far off from optimal, certainly not 400 DPS. So I dug a little deeper and I noticed the base stats are way off. According to the in-game, by base agility is 172, not as AMR says 222 (50 too much!). Am I missing something? If I take the 172 base, add my summed up gear agility, multiply it with 1.05 (5% increase because all leather) I get the correct agility 341 value that WOW is showing. On the other hand, AMR uses 394 agility (53 too much, one of my gear pieces has 3 agility too much, AMR uses the wrong item level). This is a huge difference. 16% too much, and the same applies to all other basic stats. No wonder it shows like 400 DPS too high.

So, yeah… what’s going one with just base agility (rogue, level 70)? WOW says 172, AMR says 222… Surely I’m just missing something.

For what i know AMR doesn’t keep up to date low level content. It’s focused on the max level only.
So, data are not up to date for level 70.

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Yeah, we haven’t even tried to verify the base stats for characters below level 110, so it could be off. And we don’t have perfect item data for lower level gear either.

You could try overriding your stats in the simulation setup to your actual values and simulate with that. But we don’t guarantee the simulator will give accurate results for low level characters.

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