Are Theorycraft Wiki's Live rotations up-to-date?

As the title says, I’m wondering whether Theorycraft Wiki’s Live rotations are up-to-date.

If they are, then why doesn’t the Survival Hunter rotation, for example, mention anything about the 2pc Mad Bombardier buff? Or why doesn’t it change the priority of Wildfire Bomb, with and without the Wildfire Transfusion talent, based on whether Mad Bombardier is up or not with conditions?

They are up to date. We try to keep the rotations as simple as possible. In general, I only add in specific logic if it makes a big difference. In my tests, messing with the priority of wildfire bomb based on the set bonus didn’t make much difference, on average.

In-game if you are looking to do some burst damage, timing up cooldowns with buffs and moments in the fight when you can hit lots of enemies will often make a big difference, but these rotations are for a situation where you are looking at average damage across an entire encounter.

Thank you for confirming, Swol. That’s fair enough and it’s at least reassuring that the rotations are up-to-date.

I find that a lot of things like that end up happening “organically” without adding explicit conditions in the rotations for them, even though they are technically the right thing to do… it just happens so you don’t have to think that hard about it.