Are there issues with item level (MH/OH) pulling from Armory?

I’m noticing a difference with the item levels being shown in AMR as compared to the Armory (and in game). My MH OH are both 223, however even after an armory update AMR shows the MH as 239 and the OH as 152. I considered it was perhaps an average (for some AMR strategy black magic), however that wouldn’t average out to 223 for the pairing. Any thoughts on this?

Region: US
Realm: Lethon
Character: Rejection

Been like that for all of Legion; FDK don’t get their Runeforge ‘seen’, either - similar issue.

Think it’s something to do with how 2-part Artifacts are handled by the game.

If you import from our addon, it will read your artifact item level correctly.

Not picking up the off-hand runeforge when your frost artifact is not currently equipped is a separate issue… one that as you said is an irritating side effect of how the off-hand weapon isn’t really there when it’s in your bags. We’ll probably just never fix that one since artifacts are going away soon.

I can look into why it’s off when reading from the armory… I know that it works for e.g. my retribution paladin with a single weapon. I’ll see if I can figure out what kind of data the armory is sending for two weapons. I admittedly didn’t put much effort into that during Legion because the armory could not read a lot of relic and crucible information at all, so it wasn’t of much use to anyone optimizing. Most people moved to using the addon exclusively to replace the armory.

Sounds good, thank you!

I just recently tried the addon, so I am comfortable with that.