Are you guys going to add titanforge option back?

there used to be titanforged option in the optimizer and you guys removed it. will it be add back later?

It depends on what you mean. You can already rank any version of an item that you want - go to the Gear Check function and click on the slot the item is in. Find the item in the list and click the arrow next to it to modify it to the version you want, and it will give you a ranking.

We are going to add something to the upgrade finder to do some targeted/smart searching for warforged/titanforged/socketed items that would be good upgrades for you. Just have to think of a smart way to do it.

Great. i see the one in the Gear Check, but its kind slow if i wanted to compare multiple gears at lvl 395 by clicking them one by one.
would be great to have a Wargforged/titanforged/socketed option in the Upgrade Finder! thank you! looking forward to it!

i then found another problem with gear check tho.
there is only warforged that gives you +10 ilvl at most. kind need a Titanforged option so a 370 gear from +10 can be compared when it got Titanforged to 395.

Weapons can’t titanforge, they can only warforge

right, jokes on me. my bad

I dont see anymore that kind of option… I dont have the arrow next to the item to modify the Item level… as you can see below. There is a way to fix this?

Azerite gear can’t be modified since I doesn’t in game.

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