Arena/Warmode Button for Best in bags

So… I run arenas and I would like to be able to simulate my gear… But ask Mr.robot doesnt take into account for the item stats when you enter war mode or an arena. Im thinking just a little button to say weather or not you are doing pvp content when simulating your gear

The stats are completely different despite being the same item

Its also hard to simulate the upgrade finder with pvp gear because the numbers are WAY off

The upgrade finder ilvl doesnt even go that high…

Many Thanks,

Unfortunately we probably won’t add support for PvP. We focus exclusively on PvE content. Sorry about that – if you subscribed specifically to do PvP optimization, use our contact form to email us and we’ll give you a refund.

I do use the site for pve content… i just saw that the Ilvl numbers are off and it seems like an ez fix

I took a guess at the available base item levels because it wasn’t available on the PTR – I can adjust those.