Argus - Relinquished and Unsullied - NOT WORKING

The Website Options - check mark for Argus to include Relinquished and Unsullied equipment in the list is NOT working - I just got Eye of Skovald - 910 from the Veiled Vendor Thaumaturge and went to find this on the list on your website under my character, made sure Agus was selected and its NOT listed, searching for it finds NOTHING.

Fix your stuff - go see the repair vendor AMR.

Mr. Robot checked, and he has found himself to not be broken, but he found some information that might help you:

The relinquished tokens can give you gear from many different sources including raids, dungeons, world quest loot, etc. – Eye of Skovald is a drop from Halls of Valor.

When you are looking at any list on our site either in a per-slot list or the Upgrade Finder, there is a text search box that lets you easily and quickly filter.