Arm icon no longer in minimap after interface reset?

arm icon no longer in minimap after interface reset ?

Maybe it is covered by another icon?

Ya thought of that and no used move anything to chk and not there, weird thing it still works on other toons. Only one it doesn’t work is one I reset settings on.

Just a note /amr does work on any system i tried it on… So other then icon how to you interact with it? May be a dumb question but hey. This is dumb

Not sure why it wouldn’t show up just for one character… maybe the option to hide the icon is set for that character?

You can do:

/amr show

to show the window. Or:

/amr reset

to reset all settings for the addon.

Most be an off day for me. Thks for the reminder /amr show works at least I can do something, till I figure were the hell icon went to or is.

There it is… some how hide icon option was turned on. Weird I don’t recall doing that anyhow.