Armor Values - IEA/Sunder Armor


Would love if there was an option to select improved expose armor debuff versus sunder armor. It has a major impact on Badge of the Swarmguard viability for many physical dps classes, like warrior, rogue, and hunter. Should be fairly straightforward since all bosses in AQ40 have the same armor value of 3731 (except Skeram with 3009). I’m sure we will figure out Naxxramas armor values shortly as well.

Would also love if you would add some of the sharpening stones that are added in P6, such as Consecrated Sharpening Stone.

I know you are busy with Shadowlands I am sure, but I think these would be great additions to the site that should be somewhat easy to implement.

Thanks as always for the hard work!

The reason I didn’t put in an option for improved expose armor is because you would have to use a non-warrior tank, or at least a warrior not using sunder armor. Would the threat generation be high enough without sunder armor? I know a druid/paladin wouldn’t be able to hold aggro with the damage levels people are doing in classic.

You still use a warrior tank. Most “competitive” guilds are using IEA because of it being a huge dps upgrade. It’s a fairly standard thing in classic, somewhat odd you hadn’t heard about that yet. I’ve linked warcraft logs Speed Run rankings, filtered to hide guilds NOT using improved expose armor. Only 4 guilds in the top 50 don’t use it.

We can add an option for it. I don’t really follow the “trends” in classic - I figured out the calculations and just add the stuff that people want. The whole classic project is really a “by request” endeavor that we are providing for folks interested in it. I did a bunch of up front research to make sure I remembered correctly how the game works - but some of the little things like this I’ll only really pick up if someone asks for it.

It’s an easy addition to make - we’ll just add it as another raid buff. One nice thing about how we made the classic site is that we can add things like this and the calculations just update automatically. I wish we could do the live site the same way we did classic (mathematical model instead of simulator) - makes it so much more flexible.

Hey, thanks! Yeah, I’m sure it makes things “simpler” to implement, but I’m sure the mathematical model comes with it’s own challenges. Either way, I appreciate the willingness to implement changes people have mentioned. I feel as if I get my moneys worth.