Armour on Bosses for Best in Bags and Upgrades


Can we get armour value cap fitted to the simulator please? I find that I am currently gearing towards 1715 ArP to deal with the 6200 bosses. However, the sim doesn’t seem to take this into consideration and is trying to apply more ArP gear for me. Which is great on the 7700 bosses, but I am trying to build out a separate set of gearing for the other bosses.

Can we add a new field for the boss that we are simming against? At present we have boss fight duration, which is great for mana etc, but the ArP is just going nuts at the moment.


I assume that this is a no?

We have been very busy lately, sorry - working on wotlk, season 4, and other work as well. I can take a look at this once we have some time… but that might be a while.