Arms Warrior Azerite Traits

Hello AMR,

I’m currently having a dilemma with accepting AMR as a credited optimizer for its Best in Bags feature.

My case falls upon this. For Arms Warriors, it’s is suggest Dagger in the back and Rezans > Lord Of War for ST.

For M+ it suggest Blood Rite > Lord of War.

My source of azerite strength:

Helm: Sea-Brawler’s Greathelm
Shoulders: Pauldrons of the Great Unifier
Chest: Breastplate of Arterial Protection

Is this just a correction that needs to be made? Or am I missing something?

If you post your export string from the addon I can take a look at your case specifically.

Our rankings for azerite will be different than that website. I don’t see what talent build they used to rank those. Our rankings adapt to your talents and gear, so they are much more customized.

In general, a lot of the “generic” powers are simulating stronger than the spec-specific powers.

The player info is:

Region: US
Realm: Stormreaver
Player: Xoff

For ST you will see the traits I spoke about earlier, and for Mythic+ you will see as well. I cannot obtain the export string at this time.

Ok, it looks like I didn’t have the rage gain stacking with ranks of the trait, so the value of Lord of War was slightly too low in the optimizer.

Here is a sim with your current gear (3x Lord of War) that is fixed to give the right amount of rage:
12383 DPS

Here is a sim if we use the current BiB selected traits:
12,282 DPS

Here is a sim if I take off Rezan’s Fury and put back on Lord of War:
12361 DPS

1.) All of these are well within any reasonable margin of error for an optimizer that ranks every single effect in the game (less than 1% in this case).
2.) Dagger in the Back is equally as powerful as Lord of War.

Here is a multi-target sim:
Current gear with 3x Lord of War:
17299 DPS

Gear with 2x Lord of War and 1x Blood Rite:
17257 DPS

So, once again we see that Blood Rite is equally as powerful as Lord of War in multi-target. The uptime on that buff is very high when you have adds that are dying to refresh it sometimes.

We’ll re-rank Lord of War and then it might end up picking it, but, that other source of information does not reflect the real ranking for you on those traits. Lord of War is not that much better than the other traits, and it is actually equal to some of them.

Thank You for the feedback!