[Arms Warrior] Battly Cry not saved for AOE on Sassz'Ine

Hi, I felt there was something wrong with Sassz’Ine so I inspected the logs.

I ran this single run (first link) with the BIB stuff advised by my last Gear Strat for Sassz’Ine

And it appears that Battly Cry is NOT saved for AOE !!

PS: I did not verified with other Boss/Script

I could update to save battlecry for AoE. I wasn’t doing that because doing so results in less battle cry, which lowers your damage on the boss. Arguably maximizing damage to the adds in that fight is just “padding” since they will die fast enough without you specifically saving battle cry for them.

Ok, it’s what every warrior is doing since the 3 adds spawn can be well synchronised with it

Added to my first post:

It’s the same for mythic +:

I used this spell filter for both logs: “Kil’jaeden’s Burning Wish, Warbreaker, Colossus smash, Execute, Cleave, Whirlwind, Slam, Battle Cry, Mortal Strike, Ravager”

I’m wondering, what are you guys using as base of information for arms warriors ?

The Arms Compendium is a pretty well done guide, from a bunch of experienced arms warriors and theorycrafters.

Battlecry should be used when we pop Ravager, or Bladestorm, for both AOE and ST. Not with warbreaker.
And Kil Jaedens burning wish is used while only 1 target out of 4 is affected by colossus smash, that’s not good.

Yeah I could optimize it more for AoE. I’ve been going through all the rotations and doing some updates before we create our new gearing strategies for each spec.

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Same for Ring of collapsing futures, it should be poped during Battle Cry:


And Rend should never be applied during BC but just before

Here is an updated simulation that saves battlecry for AoE:

And then here are is a simulation where I sync ravager and battle cry (and I also had warbreaker get used before battlecry+ravager to apply colussus smash to all the enemies):

Damage goes down because we end up with one less battecry use by saving it for ravager.

And some single target tests:
Here is the rotation using Rend during battle cry:

And then lets never refresh rend during battlecry (refresh it before if it will drop during battlecry):

That looks like a slight DPS gain, so I’ll add that to the default.

Now lets try sync’ing battlecry with bladestorm:

We see a slight DPS loss by sync’ing battle cry and bladestorm. I’ve done that test before when comparing to logs, and found the same thing. You don’t really gain any damage by sync’ing those two because you end up with less uses of one or the other by doing so, on average. Most of the time it ends up being a wash as far as DPS goes.

I think the tweak to the AoE rotation for Warbreaker will make KJBW hit more targets that have colossus smash debuff.

Regarding the ring of collapsing futures… the damage on that item is so low that it never even makes it out of margin of error, so I just don’t bother with putting special logic in for it.