Artifact relics don't load? Read me!

Hey, I get asked this a lot, “My relic doesn’t load from my artifact weapon.” I can fix that for you!

TLDR: Go in game and open your artifact weapon as if you were going to spend a point or place a relic in it. That will allow the addon to see what’s in your artifact weapon. Then get a new export string and use that one :slight_smile:

Background: The game doesn’t let addons ‘see’ the points or relics you put in your weapon by just having it equipped. But once you open it, the addon can read it (so make sure the AMR addon is installed and enabled. It doesn’t have to be open, however).


It does not work for me. It will only see the relics I have put in my weapon when it is imported from the Armory.
I have tried and tried many times.
Frustrating because it will list relics that are not needed.

But then I download and used the latest version it works…doh