Artificer Xy'mox CN gear in SFO list

Doing a find upgrade finder or BiS will return gear from Artificer Xy’mox that was only available in CN.

For instance, Hyperlight Band is advertised at ilvl 278 from Artificer Xy’mox - Sepulcher of the First Ones (heroic).

Example for BiS:

Snapshot ID:

For those items I go by the raw game data, which has that item associated to artificer xy’mox. I can manually remove that item if it’s not actually available in-game.

Actually, I think I see what happened – since there is a boss with the same name in two different raid zones, some of the drops are getting mixed up between the two. Hyperlight Band is a castle nathria item. I’ll put in some extra code to handle that and regenerate the drop information.