Ask Mr. Robot not differentiating between same name gear with different azerite traits

I have noticed on several of my toons that are multispecced, when I export a string to “Best in Bags”, it is unable to differentiate between azerite armor items with the same name but holding different azerite traits for an appropriate spec. Even if I ensure each spec is wearing the correct item prior to export (and further update the equipment manager to mark the items correctly), it seems to randomly assign them. Hence, when I import the string, I will have several toons with the correctly named armor, but with the wrong traits (i.e. that one armor piece will now belong to multiple equipment sets).

Further, because I can’t see the azerite traits in the Best in Bags gear list, I cant select the correct piece to place a lock on it (i.e. it just lists multiple sets of the same armor piece).

Any assistance is very much appreciated!


We have an addon update that will go out today or tomorrow that should help with this for the rest of the pre-patch. I’ll make a post when it is available in the pre-patch optimization thread.

Very much appreciated! :grinning: