Ask Mr. Robot Raid Team is Recruiting!

Hi everyone,

I play under the name Feadhead with the AMR raid group, Team Robot, on the Kul’Tiras/Bladefist server. We are currently 8/9H EP, and we are looking for some players to round out our raid group and finish EP, the next raid that’s coming in 8.3, and beyond.

Raid times:

Tuesday/Thursday - 9pm Eastern to Midnight. 6PM west coast, 8 PM Server (central)
We raid for 3 hours max with a break midway through. Sometimes we raid less than 3 hours, but never more.

What we are:

  • Casual heroic raid guild/group
  • Friendly
  • Generally speaking we are all 25+ with full time jobs - we understand the time commitments that jobs and family life entail

What we aren’t:

  • Hardcore
  • 24/7 players
  • Mythic raiders

What we are looking for:

  • Experienced DPS and Healers
  • Tank/heal off-specs, and players with a willingness to tank/heal are also helpful
  • Players looking to improve, and open to helpful advice as needed (we do play with the AMR folks after-all)
  • Positive and friendly players, we don’t have the time or energy to deal with egos and drama, we all have the same goal in this game, killing bosses.

I also want to be upfront with a few things about our group. The main thing that needs to be mentioned is that we don’t have a heavy online presence in-game outside of raid times. There’s a group of us that try to do M+ when we have time but most of that is organized in our guild discord. I know that it can be disheartening to not see players online all the time but we are always in discord. We are an active group, just not always in game unless we have a purpose to play.

If you’re interested in raiding with us please feel free to contact myself or Zoopercat. You can message me here or on My tag is Posternutbag#1243


I’ve been a faithful AMR user for quite some time now. Didn’t realize you guys raided in the same mindset as me. Mythic takes too much time commitment, my goal ever raid tier is AOTC and nothing really beyond that. I’ve been a tank for many years across all the tanking classes. Currently playing vengeance DH with guild 7/9H. Willing to play another tanking class or maybe even heal, but healing would require me to actually get a healer really together, currently only healing low M+ keys on HPally. Not sure if the interest in me is there on your end, but my interest in y’all is here on my end. Can get me back here if you want but I’ll add on BNet as well…mine will be DangerZone

Dang. Sounds like my kind of group… but I’ve been raidless all expansion and my gear probably shows it. I hope you guys get to keep rolling.

Hi Solitha,

Feel free to add me on We can work to help you get gear. It doesn’t take long to catch up with benthic gear and m+ right now.

Hey, I accepted your request on Hit me up next time you’re online.

We can always help gear up if needed.

Am I right in thinking this is NA side…?


We are all NA players

The last reply was in relation to your message, we are all NA players

I’m the wrong side of ‘the pond’… GL, though.

Bumping this for anyone that might be interested

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