Ask Mr. Robot says i have a ilvl 375 item when only having 370 of Cobra Priest's Headdress?

Anyone else tried that? And how can it be fixed, because now I can’t count on the system at all if it is optimizing thinking I have ilvl 375 instead of 370, when it is affecting wrongly what to wear.

Please help anyone!



The last trait in an Azerite Item is a flat increase of 5 item level. Generally speaking, AMR does look at your current Azerite level and will add those 5 item level if you can get that trait.
The problem is, there is no official or consistant info on which Azerite level is required so the AMR team had to figure out that by themselves, which means there can still be some inconsistancies.

I’d recommend checking ingame if AMR is right and you could choose all traits and, if you can not, please add your export string and which Azerite level is required, so the AMR team can fix that specific item.

Ah yeah of course - was stupid of me not to think about that, but you are totally right.

Thx for the fast response :slight_smile: