Asking Help for finding upgrade and BIS diff

Hello everyone, I am a new AMR user. And I’m trying to understand how this addon works (I have the premium version). I have many questions

  • First, is there a discord to be able to chat more easily and quickly?
    -Then, I searched for an upgrade (single target) for my mage in dungeon heroic here are the results :
    I can’t upload a picture I’m new but the stuff is different.

Then, I do a BIS search, always the same, in heroic single target dungeon, here are the results :

I would like to know what to follow because I am a little lost :slight_smile: Thank you for everything!

Hello =D

There is a discord but generally for specific question Forum is best suited. Specially when the AMR’s team need to take a look but for simple question or generic questino discord could work too.

Also, i dont see any picture or anythings in your post ? :stuck_out_tongue:

The best way for anyone to get all the information needed to help you out is to share the “help snapshot” found here :

And here:

With this “code” you will get, you can have all setup/options for your specific character.

See U Soon =D


For picture i’m new at this forum and i can’t post picture.

snap : BIS ddf844d4fac74687929079b3d730b176
snap : Upgrade finder : 308ab29dad9c43b0bc80f80273635c7e

The upgrade finder finds upgrades relative to your current Best in Bag gear. It answers the question: if I swapped out my current item for this one, how would the score change? It is an estimate for how good the item will be.

It is possible (but rare) that you could get an item listed as an upgrade in the upgrade finder and then Best in Bag doesn’t suggest you put it on right away. There are limitations to how much we can calculate at once, unfortunately :wink:

Best in Slot doesn’t care about your current gear - it looks for a solution from all the gear you allow it to consider.

The legendary search in the upgrade finder is slightly different than the rest. We have a post explaining it here:

Ok, so I see if I’m trying to track down something is better than I track the encore directly? And if we have all the BIS does the upgrde finder find anything? simple question :slight_smile:

Thanks for everything anyway

If you have all the best gear in the game, everything in the upgrade finder would probably show as no gain.

I will try in this case, thank you for everything!