Aspect of the Wild (Visions) // BM Hunter Rotation

Probably a quick question - The default AMR rotation sims great for me, but I’m curious about the Aspect usage. AFAIK, while the Visions proc will add time to a currently active Aspect, we should avoid popping Aspect during a Visions proc because it simply overwrites the proc.

Is that already accounted for under the hood? If so, might be worth it to add a “not HasBuff(AspectOfTheWild)” on the Aspect line.

Yes, I could add a line to avoid casting aspect if it is already up from the proc. The instances of that happening just following the rotation normally are so low that you won’t see a difference in the output, but I can add it in because it is technically correct.

I only bring it up because I think it’s the one change I tried making, but ended up getting lower DPS (lower aspect uptime) as a result. So I was curious if whatever magic happens behind the scenes with Visions major was mistakenly allowing the CD to add time to the proc which would make the unmodified Aspect line a dps / uptime increase.