Aspirant ilvl and Max On-Use Items

Discovered a couple issues that may be worth investigating. The first is that the item level for Aspirant PVP gear starts out at 158 rather than 157 as specified in the Upgrade Finder. Also, it seems to be MISSING a tier of PVP gear, as the ilvl upgrade feature jumps from 158 to 164 and then 170, whereas it presently goes from 157 to 170:


The second issue is that the Max On-Use Items feature seems to ignore PVP trinkets that are On-Use. I had to set it to None so that I would be down to a single trinket:


I just took a guess at the item levels for the pvp filter since I didn’t have access to most of it on beta. I can add more item level options to the list.

PvP trinkets should all be flagged as on-use… if you want to press the “help” link next to the big Best in Bags section header, then follow the instructions to create a snapshot and post it here, I can use that to try your specific case and see what’s up.


Thanks for taking a look. Yeah, even when I select 0 on use items, it always suggests one. When I set it to one, it always chooses two on use items.