Assassin Rogue upping DPS

Hi, just getting back into WoW after a 2 year break. I geared to the 910 level best suited according to Mr Robot with out adjusting weights… Not bad I dont think for 22 days play time, but I seem to be under performing and would like info on why it may be??
My char is Gandog on Khaz’goroth (US)… My rotation in general would be closest to:
other then using Toxic blade and trying to use it with Envenom more then Kingsbane, I do try to link the 3 together TB first then KB or Env depending on combo points…
Simply put my average damage sits on about 700k and I think it should be higher, it is in simulations… What gear should I be trying to grind, or any changes to my rotations to up my damage?? I have only been raiding 2 weeks so might be half the problem only half knowing the mechanics… (No I dont want to swap to sub unless you have VERY strong reasons why)…
Any suggestions would be appreciated…
(Also the only two logs added in wowlogs where two of my first and only ones logged over the fortnight, so have improved since them, not really worth looking over to specify… Seems groups dont log raids as much as they use to??)
Edit: also one of my main queries would be relics… how much does the Itlvl hlp other then the proc it states?? (have had time off vendetta 20 itlvls less then in socket… Better proc less itlvl?? Explain plz)…

A simple change you can try: Take note of the length of Kingsbane and Toxic Blade’s effects. TB lasts 9 seconds, KB lasts 14, and KB’s damage ramps up over time - so the logical thing to do is to use Toxic Blade 5 seconds after you use Kingsbane.

Envenom is just a burst of nature damage, not a poison, so using TB before Envenom doesn’t really do anything.

Relics will best be compared with the BIB tool - and yes, while it seems strange to pass up item level upgrades in favor of using a specific trait, the power of things like the Vendetta trait are often times going to be way more potent than minor stat bumps from an item level boost thanks in part to how percentage damage boosts work.

Without knowing your gear or having some specific logs to look at, I can only offer some general advice.

Regarding relics - just use the gear optimizer and use the ones that it picks. Our assassination gearing strategy is working very well right now.

For your rotation, a few pointers to address what you asked about:
1.) Use Toxic Blade on cooldown. Don’t delay it at all unless you are at max combo points, in which case you’d use a finisher first.
2.) Use Kingsbane on cooldown. Only delay it if Vendetta’s cooldown is less than 10 seconds remaining.
3.) Envenom definitely IS buffed by Toxic Blade.

Thank you both for the info… If any one else wants to comment here is links to my char profile in Mr Robot as well as wowlogs… I did the first three bosses in TOS this morning and not worrying as much about stacking Env with KB and TB, and using KB before TB when possible I got 800k with the first and third single target fights and pulled 1mil with the second fight with the two bosses… So a slight improvement…

Maybe some one knows of top end Assassin rogues that have youtubes of their raids to try and copy lol?? Other then that you can see the gear I have (a number of pieces really need heroic upgrades) is there any pieces specifically that need changing and to what… As well as that I guess I just need more practice, cant just jump in and one shot everything…
(Also the link to my wowlogs profile doesnt seem to show the fights that where done this morning, but I know for certain they where logged, but with a guild other then my own… Do these show up in the profile in general?? I remember a couple years ago their was a logging site which found every fight you where in and that was logged, but cant seem to find the site or its changed its searching, or im just not using the search properly??..)’goroth/gandog

Thanks again your advice is appreciated!

This is the guide that I would recommend for assassination: