Assassination Rogue Upgrade Finder Bug?

First off, import string:

I’m seeing an issue where, with BiB set to Assassin ST > Outlaw MT > Sub MT, if I go to upgrade finder for Assassin, with settings at M10, and then BoD only set to LFR and Normal, I’m getting some insane results. It’s showing LFR Jadefire being higher chance of drops than anything in Normal, including Normal Jadefire. Including saying that the 370 shoulders from Jadefire would be +0.98%, but the 385 version would be -0.13%.

That’s working as intended: According to your export string, you’re currently at Azerite Level 28 which means you’re able to get two traits on a 370 shoulder item but only the first one on a higher level item.
It’s not unrealistic for traits to be stronger than an increase of 15 item level which the optimizer knows.

I guess I understand that, but that seems unhelpful. I still want to know what AP pieces I’ll want later, even if they’re not a direct upgrade now. I only have so many chances to roll on a given boss, so I’d hate to not roll for a piece just because I need 4-5 more AP levels to have it be a full upgrade.

You could edit your heart of azeroth level to be higher to “look ahead” into the future (the “hamburger” icon next to your name/spec icon at top-left). Not a perfect solution… but should do the trick for now.

Aside, Jadefire is showing up as having two identical versions of the shoulders, presumably because of the different Horde and Alliance versions of the fight/gear.

Yeah I can take a look at that… the raw item data from wowdb hasn’t been very consistent with faction flags on some of these items, so I’ve been updating it manually.