Assuming Socket on all Gear

Hypothetical situation, Assume the following to be true:
Item A, no socket. Item B, has socket.
Item B is better, due to socket.
Item A would be better, if it also has a socket.
Player has enough mementos to put socket in item A.

Under above conditions, is there a way to make AMR determine, which item I should put a socket in, to use that for a better build?

We might add something to the upgrade finder to help decide on which item you should add your extra socket.

Given that the extra sockets are pretty expensive to get, it’s more likely that you would want to use your extra socket on some other piece of gear that you have that is clearly stronger than all of your other gear, and thus not likely to be replaced soon. For example, a really strong weapon from one of the last 2 bosses in the raid, or a good trinket that you won’t replace.

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Thanx for the quick reply! :smiley:

Anything that makes AMR do more thinking for me, is a good thing to me :wink:
Would love to see that potential addition ^^