Attempting to Sim Spark Of Inspiration

I’m trying to use the simulator to test out Spark of Inspiration, since in practice it seems to be performing quite well. However it seems like it’s not added in the APL.

I tried to add it manually, but I keep getting this error when I run the sim. “Spells that are persistent cannot be directly included in rotations.”

Here is a screenshot of the addition in the APL, am i doing something wrong here?

I attempted to just take the “world vein resonance” section and just change it to Spark of Inspiration in the Shadow Priest APL

There is a simulator setting to include spark of inspiration. It has someone in your group use it on cooldown. You can adjust your rotation then to time up your own essence use with the spark buff.

You’d do something in the condition like: HasBuff(MomentOfGlory)

I am attempting to sim being the one using spark.

currently when you have the essence selected as your major in the simulator, the active is never used.

Oh, yeah, I guess I never really thought about that. You could just blank out your major essence and that would be pretty comparable to being the one using it, right?

The issue would be the way some classes value GCDs over others. Was trying to get a clear picture of how it matches up.

The fact it is not simming properly also makes me question any BiB recommendations with it selected.

The reason we started looking into this was because in a dungeon like environment (two mask, 5 man horrific vision) It performed surprisingly well. Especially now that people have rank 3 breath of the dying. Even for the person using the essence, on target dummy tests after it performed almost exactly comprable to a normal essence setup.

I can throw a spell in there that you can use if you want to trigger a GCD.