Attempting to Simulate stat weights, progress insanely slow

Long time user, first time poster, I noticed recently that I can no longer add my own stat weights. Regardless of how mystical this decision seems to me, I understand that the solution is to use the simulator to produce a custom set which I will then be able to modify to my heart’s content, but I have been sitting here with my CPU maxed out for HOURS with only 30% to show for it.

What’s up with this, why is this taking so long and why is it the only option for customizing what stats I want?

Our stat weight calculation goes through a LOOOOT of data to produce the results. It also includes a ranking for every azerite power, trinket, and anything else with a proc (things that can’t be ranked with stat weights). That’s why it takes so long.

The reason we don’t let people customize the default option is because they adapt to you (well, they will after today’s data). So as you change talents and gear, the stat weights update. But if people are able to put in their own stat weights, then it can’t adapt.

For you set of sims, If your computer is having a hard time finishing, I could always run it for you. I would need to know your preferred settings and character region/realm/name.

Heyo, the gearing you tried to do, is it a healing gearing strategy ?