Augmentation Evoker - Stat priority question

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All of the guides I’ve seen online show Mastery as the best secondary stat for Augmentation Evoker with it being much better than all of the other secondary stats. When running BIB, it seems like Mr Robot’s Strategy for Mythic+, it does not favor Mastery and instead favors critical strike & haste a lot.

This seemed strange to me based on what I’ve seen elsewhere for guides, but maybe it is possible with crit and haste to extend Ebon Might and have more uptime.

Was just looking if someone could just take a look and check this for me. Thank you.

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I believe Swol is working on an in-depth write-up about Augmentation Evokers that he plans to publish in the next few days.

That works for me, thanks so much!!

Yeah, I’ve been looking at this one a lot - the love of mastery is honestly quite a head-scratcher for me. Unless significant value is being given to having slightly longer utility buffs, like hover, I don’t think mastery actually competes with crit/haste for damage output.

I’m working on an in-depth post that details my logic - should be able to post it next week, hopefully earlier than later.

I would just like to compliment you for the way you composed your post; I find this way is much more approachable & open-minded than some that are looking to achieve the same objective.

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Aug are a buff class. A non selfish. Our mastery is supposed to help all team members who get buffed. At least that is the understanding.

We are NOT a pure DPS class.

When Swol said “damage output” he meant the combined output of yourself and the gain given to your allies, same as you would see in e.g. Warcraft Logs.

It’s true that this goes against the grain of all the guides available (often copying and pasting from one another, you might say)…

The class is also new, potentially there will be a change in focus stats as we go along, which is why I’m keenly interested in Swol’s post to better understand the process and have some talking points.

I’m going to post an update to Augmentation optimization today that will favor getting a lot of mastery. The blog post explaining it all is coming along, but taking some extra time. As I went to try to explain it all, I found that I needed to adjust how I was handling ally dps to something a bit more sophisticated, which ended up moving the stat priority to something more in line with what you are seeing on other guides as well.

Yes I saw the change in the SIM, very interesting

Sorry for the double post,
The BiS for augmentation take take into account the next patch about the change the next week ?

We will update it, yes. I’m on vacation this week (which is why my explanation post is delayed - couldn’t get it done before), but yellow will put in the updates

Still very much looking forward to see the post. It’s nice to have an another point of view.

I’m still working on it - sorry, lots of stuff has come up the past couple weeks, so I’m behind getting on getting it done!