Auto vs Manual Azerite Essences

I tried to experiment a bit with less popular build on M+.

Auto generated choice suggested me to use:

3x Last Surprise
2x Helchains
1x Swirling Sands:


Then i replaced it to something that i feel it could be stronger:

3x Festermight
3x Heart of Darkness


3% of difference between both. What are the differences in the selection?

That is less than 3% difference. Festermight has some strong interactions - could be leading to a bit more error in this case. I did improve the rotation for festermight somewhat a while back - we could probably re-calculate some more data to bring the model back in line with the simulations.

i’m using this as interesting source of combos. If you know how to read that you can find better rotation tricks than on wowhead or icyveins.