Azerite armor best in bags for multiple specs

Apologies if this has been posted before and I’m not finding it.

I was wondering if Best in Bags takes into consideration if an item is recommended for a separate spec? For example if I have a shoulder that I user for Vengeance and I have 2 (Vengeance, Havoc) setups in the optimizer, would that shoulder item be excluded from the optimized Havoc set? Asking because if it is then I would have to reforge it when switching specs.

That item would not be excluded completely but AMR won’t recommend changing the Azerite traits because constantly changing traits would get exorbitantly expensive really fast. If that item still ends up stronger than everything else you have even with “wrong” traits then AMR will recommend using it like that.

In fact, that’s probably the most important reason why AMR implemented the ability to have several different specs and optimize them like that. :wink: