Azerite armor question

I’m trying to gear all of my specs in Paladin. Ret is my main so he gets gear first. When I run AMR to gear the other 2 specs it wants me to use gear that has already had it’s “ring” choices made. But it wants me to use different choices. I didn’t think you could change them afterwards. So, maybe the lower gear with the right choices is better than the higher gear that already has been set. How do I tell AMR I can’t change the ring choices?

If you are using Best In Bag, it knows what gear has already been “set” and will take that into account for lower priority gear sets. Maybe you have multiple copies of a couple items?

If you post your export from the addon we could take a look at what you are seeing and explain better.

If you set the Azerite Powers threshold to a higher percentage, it will not suggest you change those traits unless the gain in performance exceeds that value.

The Azerite traits on gear can be reset using the Arcane Reforger in your faction’s BfA capital/hub.

Thank you, Thank you ,Thank you.
I was unaware of the reforger, and this should take care of my issue. Thank you!