Azerite Essences

So, I’ve been needing to do constant AMR Sims for testing Combination of Essences. Is there a way to make this process faster? Having to go through the entire list and individually click each and every essence takes quite a bit of time. I know the processing time once I make a selection and start the sims can’t be changed much b/c it’s based on how many essences I want to run in a series of combinations. I’m talking about in the simulator when selecting which essences. 14 Essences, 3 boxes each, 4 slots that can be checked. Naturally, you will only typically select one of those 3 boxes for each essence, but that’s the part I’m asking about. It does take several minutes to click through each category and scroll down to each Rank 3 essence.

Can you add a function for “Select all Rank 2/3” as you have with the “Blank” selection you have? I have to sim my essences about once a week (depending on how many gear upgrades I get) because the BiB hasn’t been reporting the best essences for several weeks (not a major thing as I don’t mind simming to make sure I have it accurate) but I would like a slight QoL improvement for selecting multiple essences in a Slot rather than having to scroll and check each box every time.

You can save the setup once you’ve made it and then load the setup again. You can update your gear on the saved setup with your addon export if you want to re-do the simulation with your current gear. That way you should never have to set it up more than one time.