Azerite gear vs pre-patch gear

Is azerite gear still being evaluated reasonably in BiB? I’ve been checking some of the new ilvl 100 gear against, say, ilvl 70 azerite gear, and AMR is suggesting I keep the 70 stuff. Just wondering how seriously I should take the recommendation at this point while everything is in transition.

Only on a pure stat basis. Azerite gear doesn’t have secondary stats, so AMR will rank gear with stats higher than gear that doesn’t.

Obviously Azerite gear is presently better than anything else because of all the borrowed power they grant, and the work around is to equip the Azerite gear, export your AMR string with that gear equipped, and AMR will respect your choice by not overriding the Azerite gear with non-Azerite gear.

Once Shadowlands gets here, Azerite gear will be pointless.


Okay, now I’m more confused. AMR is not ranking the new gear higher, it’s recommending I keep azerite gear.

You’re saying it won’t even try to rank the gear unless I unequip the azerite stuff? I never heard that BiB did that.

And you say “obviously” the azerite gear is more powerful… but there’s a wide range of azerite gear. Here, I’m not talking raid drops, I’m talking Benthic gear with only two rings unlocked. Is that stuff still more powerful than pre-patch gear?

For the pre-patch, we have recommendations for what azerite traits to use on your azerite gear, but we don’t have a full-on gearing strategy that would be able to predict if lower level azerite gear is better/worse than higher ilvl non-azerite gear.

We don’t have the time/resources to come up with a full solution for a more or less broken game state, so we focus all our resources on the incoming expansion. WIthin a few hours of playing shadowlands, all the gear will be irrelevant.

Thanks Swol. I suspected azerite rankings might have been tossed as irrelevant at this point, just kind of wanted to confirm the idea.


What I find kind of interesting is that BiB does not suggest me to change my 78ilvl azerite head for example for pre-patch catch up gear ilvl100 head piece. However, when I click the head slot to browse dps differences between all my head items it actually shows this ilvl100 non-azerite as DPS increase! In which case why AMR ignores it in BiB suggestions?

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My brain is completely full at the current time :wink:

With shadowlands coming in 10 days, we won’t be touching azerite at all. Working non-stop to get shadowlands gearing strategies ready to go before launch.


You have one spec, locking the top azerith is probably enough for the week to come; remember that in aproximatly 10 days, azerith will not work into SL

I appreciate the answers. Of course this is almost irrelevant at the moment but something that caught my attention. Just makes me wonder if and how strong Azerite gear will be up to 60lvl in Shadowlands. We are losing traits but that big chunk of primary stat stays there :slight_smile:
At the end of the day it is going to be replaced in few weeks when we all start gearing with items for max level.

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When Shadowlands goes live, we’ll rank azerite items as normal items with stats against all other items, ignoring the azerite traits – as long as you are either level 51 or higher, and/or don’t have the Heart of Azeroth equipped. That will trigger the code to switch from BfA mode to Shadowlands mode.