Azerite Helmet wrong ILvl when center trait is active

My Battlemage’s Collar was a 370 iLvl helm that dropped for me from Doom’s Howl.
Much grinding has finally allowed me to activate the final trait, the center. Finally!

I came here tonight to sim some of my changes, including the helm ilvl change. When the character, Vyline (borean tundra) was uploaded to the simulator, I looked it over to see if all the changes were there. That’s when I noticed that the Battlemage’s Collar was listed as iLvl 370, while showing the final trait as being active.The iLvl should have changed from 370 to 375.

Don’t know if this is a bug or some weird glitch but I thought maybe I should bring it to your attention.

Edit: Once the last (center) active trait icon is selected, the ilvl reads correctly as 375. I was under the impression that the displayed traits in the weapon line are the ones selected. If that’s the case it should have read 375 the moment it was imported.

Did you import from our addon? If so, can you post the string that you copied from the addon to the website?