Azerite Infographic

I posted a full Azerite guide on the blog, covering everything from the basics to the specific AP requirements to level up the Heart of Azeroth.

If you have any outstanding questions, let me know.

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Thank you for the guide. It was very useful and answered most of my questions about azerite power. I’m going to have to be very picky to give some feedback.

Questions I still have (that I didn’t even know I didn’t know before reading your guide!):

-How do I tell what the unlock level is for any piece of gear? Is it in the tooltip or shown in some way? Does it only show the base unlock, or the unlock level for each loop?

-If Island Expeditions are supposed to be a major source of AP, how much AP can I expect to be earning from them?

Some minor notes I made while reading because they were lines in the guide that caused me to pause and double check what I was reading:

Underneath the “In-Depth Look at the Azerite Power Picker,” is loop 2 the utility loop or are utility powers found on other loops? (I admit I am also a casual person who does not automatically know what counts as a “utility” trait!)

“Inner loop” at this point is moderately confusing- meaning the smallest loop, or loop 2, which is between the other two? I can figure it out very quickly from looking to see which loop has two abilities, but it did cause me to pause me a brief moment. Later on in the guide, under the ‘Rare Gear - 3 Loops’ heading, you mention the inner loop again but that time clarified you meant loop three.

I can also infer that each bullet point it meant to be a level of choices in the equipment, but it isn’t 100% clear. Maybe somewhere around 90% clear :smiley: A quick label, “Loop 1:” or such, would be a fix.

‘Rare Gear - 3 Loops’ is also a confusing heading because the picture below shows a piece of equipment with two loops and the center node. Up until that point you had not been referring to the center node as a loop.

Overall, though, great guide and excellent visuals. I feel confident that the first time I see this interface in game I’m not going to panic. The infographic will likely be a nice quick-reference (particularly the easier to read AP source guide at the bottom) but having the full fledged guide to read first helped me to understand what’s being summed up on the graphic.

Thank you so much for taking the time to post this. The question you had about knowing what the unlock requirements are - that is probably a question a lot of people have. I updated the post to include a screenshot of a tooltip.

For Island Expeditions, I linked to World of Moudi’s guide so people can see what he had to write. There’s a lot of extra info that I think is best viewed over on his stie.

Your minor notes were helpful. I updated the post to clarify.

So, what no one ever writes about: I still need to keep an azerite piece for every spec of my character, except if I always take the generic power, right?

Most likely you will want multiple pieces of gear, yes. You can spend gold to change the azerite powers if you don’t switch specs that often, but it gets expensive quickly, so if you play both specs often, you’re better off with the generic powers or separate pieces of gear.