Azerite Suggestions BIB are not that great

Hello AMR,

1st of all i love your Addon and used it a lot. Thank you for that great work!

But in terms of Azerite Gear i see Problems. Let’s talk about the Sub Rogues Azerite traits for example. Wowhead and other sites suggest to wear 3x “Blade in the shadows” (Source:
While AMR suggests me to wear other traits?
The same is it for Outlaw and Deadshot 3x. Deadshot is not recommended by AMR.

So my Question: How can i safely relate to AMR to 100% if Azerite traits are suggested wrong?
Sure i could lock it to the desired traits, but i want AMR to tell me whats best!

Even if its more dps AMR doesnt suggest, look at that:

If i am looking for Best in Slot then AMR suggests Thunderous Blast Over Deashot. °_°

Thanks in advance

$64;EU;Antonidas;Bëppi;Bavarian Body BatscherZ;6;1;120;17;3:94,4:64;2;.s2;26;2111323;.q2;155862s8b1512b3267b7t151;26s1b-3274b3274b33a280284a-13347t90;1996s6b-3287b3251b19b1t152x153708;158s7b-4761b1495b3246b20t154;33s2b-3299b3425b4b3t155;16s17b-3414b3263b18t103e5963;41s16b-3281b3263b18t104e2;28s11b-3291b3273b17b1t156x418e-26;144s3b-3291b3274b33a6853t157;49s9b-3307b3267b7t158e31;22s15b-3259b3251b6t159;750s14t160;210s5b-3272b3274b33a-640t121;2s10b-3322b3281b7b17t164x0;122s12b-3290b3267b7t165e-31;155s13b-3274b3267b7t166$e\5963\159786\268894\Haste\152876=8,152875=20,152877=1@e\5965\159785\268907\Crit\152876=8,152875=20,152877=1@e\5939\153439\255072\27 Haste\152875=12@e\5970\0\271366\Safe Hearthing\152876=1,152875=5
$64;EU;Antonidas;Bëppi;Bavarian Body BatscherZ;6;1;120;17;3:94,4:64;3;.s3;27;2232331;.q3;155862s8b1512b3267b7t151;2022s6b-3254b3251b19b1t152x153708;26s5b-3286b3268a272911a-4312t153;132s7b-4743b1495b3246b20t154;33s2b-3299b3425b4b3t155;85s11b-3424b3273b17b1t156x418e5939;144s3b-3291b3274b33a5191t157;49s9b-3307b3267b7t158e31;22s15b-3259b3251b6t159;750s14t160;7s16b-3272b3267b7t161e-5;2s17b-3274b3267b7t162e-2;200s1b-3274b3274b33a4893a-14696t163;3s10b-3322b3281b7b17t164x0;122s12b-3290b3267b7t165e-24;155s13b-3274b3267b7t166$e\5939\153439\255072\27 Haste\152875=12@e\5970\0\271366\Safe Hearthing\152876=1,152875=5@e\5965\159785\268907\Crit\152876=8,152875=20,152877=1@e\5963\159786\268894\Haste\152876=8,152875=20,152877=1
$64;EU;Antonidas;Bëppi;Bavarian Body BatscherZ;6;1;120;17;2486:64,2487:1,2491:1,2549:94,4:64,3:94;1;.s1;25;2211321;.q1;155862s8v120b1512b3267b7;26s1b-3274b3274b33a280284a-13347t90;1996s6b-3287b3251b19b1t152x153708;158s7v0b-4761b1495b3246b20;33s2b-3299b3425b4b3t155;229s3v0b-3424b3274b33a6853;10s11b-4777b1455b3281b7t108e5939;39s9v0b-3273b3267b7e31;22s15b-3259b3251b6t159;750s14t160;9s16b-3272b3267b7t162e-7;0s17v0b-3274b3267b7e2;201s5b-3274b3274b33a-640t121;2s10b-3322b3281b7b17t164x418;122s12v0b-3290b3267b7e-22;155s13v0b-3274b3267b7$e\5939\153439\255072\27 Haste\152875=12@e\5970\0\271366\Safe Hearthing\152876=1,152875=5@e\5963\159786\268894\Haste\152876=8,152875=20,152877=1@e\5965\159785\268907\Crit\152876=8,152875=20,152877=1@e\5943\153443\255076\37 Haste\152877=8,152876=5,152875=20

Can you post your export string from the addon so I can take a look? Those string you posted are the export from the website to be pasted into the addon.

I can’t speak to how other people rank the powers, but I can tell you how we rank ours:

We do a ton of simulations and then run advanced statistical analysis on those simulation results. Our rankings of the Azerite Powers are very good, from all the testing that I have done.

The “generic” azerite powers are generally stronger than the class-specific powers right now. Blade in the Shadow is very good, but, I’d be highly suspect of anyone who doesn’t recommend one Inevitability as well.

Here is an example using roughly your gear from the armory and some common talents, but with the AMR suggested BiS 340 azerite items (1x Blade in Shadow, 1x Inevitability, 1x Thunderous Blast):

And here with 3x Blade in the Shadow (I upped your neck to 19 to equip second trait on the shoulder item):

AMR takes into account a lot more factors than other sources of information, so it is generally able to find different solutions than “generic” advice would suggest. I’m always happy to double check if you are concerned a ranking might be incorrect. In this case it looks like the rankings are indeed correct, though!

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