Azerite trait: Inevitable Demise (Aff)

Affliction Warlock theorycrafters swear on the azerite trait Inevitable Demise, which doesn’t really sim well (red flag!) and AMR doesn’t value it very highly. However, many say it’s good if you can stack your Inevitable Demise to 100 and then use it right at the start of the fight.

So, I am trying to figure this out with the AMR simulator. I found “BuffStack(AzeriteInevitableDemise)” in the wiki but it of course assumes you are building those stacks during the fight. I tried changing the spell and giving it ‘Start Stacks = 100’ but that doesn’t really work since it wll always set the stacks to 100 and not ramp up ever.

Is there a way where I can test this and see how much damage I would do, when I start the fight with 100 stacks (and then after spending, of course going back to the regular ramp up)?

Yes, there is certainly a way to modify the spell in the wiki to test it. I can create a test for you when I’m at my computer later.

I did not put that in as default because i didn’t feel like it would be the appropriate way to rank the trait.

Sure, that would be great if you could do that. thanks

Here is a simulation where I made it do more or less what you want… it’s not exact, since you don’t get the stacks until corruption ticks once, but it should be close enough to get an idea of how the value changes if you start the fight with full stacks.

Thanks this is great. Although they just changed ID. I realize it doesn’t matter to fuss over details like that while Blizz is still swaying around abilities.