Azerite Veins overprocs

Hello there !
I’m looking into the azerith trait available for Healer called “Azerith Veins”.

Compared it for my mistweaver on a vectis MM fight. Script is based on hm Vectis.
In MM we have generaly more dmg taken specially with Vector and the soak (that leaves a dot on you).
So “Azerith Veins” should have more chance to proc.

Source :

Compared to a simulation :


We can see Azeith Veins is procing more often on simulation than on logs (for my specific caracter).

And fore tank it has proc only one time for Zul MM (i was soaking all fight motsly so possibly it only proc on physical dmg taken.

Source :

Hope it help.

According to the game’s spell data, it triggers on pretty much any kind of damage… melee/ranged auto attacks and abilities, spells, AoE spells, and periodic damage taken, with 1 RPPM.

That is a pretty low proc rate… maybe we need to see a larger sample from logs to determine if it is actually different than what the spell data suggests? Or maybe particular spells or types of spells that bosses use are flagged as not triggering it? Hard to say. Sometimes “environmental” damage doesn’t trigger stuff…

Yep, the azerith trait isn’t taken very often for what i know. I may be tanking tomorrow with my guild so i could have a sample on maybe 5 of the bosses.

So I’ve spend a bit of time looking around for logs with azerith veins as healer.
And will do it also for a tank.
Here is some:

From what i see, the spelld proc only on direct dmg like “Vector” from Vectis but never on contagion maybe on the soak or the geyser.

For tanks : (this one is interesting because Azerith veins procs only during p2 on the soak)