Azerite Veins Overrated

Azerite veins is being severely overrated and resulting in forcing me to choose it for 3 Azerite traits.

Here is the sim:

Actual usage:

Azerite Veins is one of those traits that is very difficult to rank – it can either be really good or really bad on any given attempt.

For example, I have that on my tank, and we were working on a boss and had several wipes logged. On some of the attempts I had zero, or only one tick of Azerite Veins. On other attempts, I had as many as 42 ticks for a huge amount of healing. It can vary wildly depending on when it triggers and how you are getting healed.

If in your raid situation you don’t seem to be getting much use out of it, feel free to swap it for another trait.’

edit: noticed that you are a healer, but the same logic should apply – how much it heals depends a lot on when it triggers.

I find azerite veins is amazing in mythic+ but meh raiding…

Sounds like it should be ranked down a bit. It is assuming that people are always not at full health.

The rankings are based on simulations with real damage-taken patterns and a full team of healers. So sometimes it triggers when you are at or near full health, sometimes not. It should be a pretty representative ranking across a wide variety of possible in-game scenarios.

If you don’t like the trait, you can manually lock in other traits – we highly encourage customization in situations like this where it is difficult to give a single ranking to a trait that will match every possible in-game scenario.

Despite the fact that every log I’ve looked at does not match with what you simulate. Maybe take a deeper look into how high you rank Azerite veins. As it suggests to wear 340 ilvl gear when I have 385 gear in my bags just because it has Azerite Veins. I tried it, others tried, other logs show it, I am suggesting again to take a deeper look.

I looked at a log of the last raid that we did last week… two people had it, and it did a highly variable amount of healing. But that was only a handful of data points for something that is pretty random. It averaged 13 ticks per fight.

It’s possible that with the way certain fights go or certain teams tend to heal, you will get more or less value out of it than the simulator does. There are a lot of variables at play. But your suggestion that it doesn’t tick at all or only gets 3 ticks per fight on average does not match up to the log data that I have.