Azerute Talents

Hey guys I have never changed a simulation to do things how i want, I’m having troubles trying to input things. I have tried doing it a lot of different ways but it isn’t working. If anyone can help i would appreciate things.

What i’m trying to to is sim my outlaw rogue to do sinister strike in the beginning to get 5 combo points and then use slice and dice after that. Then my Azerite gear will give me a buff saying my next 5 sinister strikes will do an x amount more dmg. So after i use slice and dice with 5 combo points i want to use sinister strike 5 times until the buff is gone and then use slice and dice again, But i don’t want to use slice and dice until i used all stacks of the buff, The buff is called Snake Eyes. Also would like to input pistol shot in there when i get the random proc so i can test it in my rotation and not in the rotation. Can anyone give me pointers on how to make these abilitys do what i want when i want and to prioritize them?

Normally we could spend time helping you by making these adjustments, but we are super busy getting everything ready for uldir. I do have a video that might be helpful when it comes to editing these. The main interface changed a little in the video, but not the rotation editing interface.