Azshara Fight Simulation

What is the correct best practice for simulating the Azshara fight? Multi-target? Single? Custom Sim Grong?

That fight has a lot going on. Making a custom script for the exact fight would be best.

From my experience with it on heroic, I’d probably use the single target. There are times when some adds have to be killed or there is 2-3 target cleave/ spread cleave… but most of the time you are doing a lot of damage on one enemy.

One of the things I like to do is get on and look at the rankings for the Boss/Class and try to Sim off of that. The problems becomes that there is no custom Boss Sims for the boss most of the time. I miss Rawr sometimes :*( I guess I will need to learn to do what you are describing.

Someday we’re going to make the boss script editor more user-friendly so that more people can make scripts. It’s a big project, but it would be super cool to have and play around with.

If you do want to make a custom script, there are a few people here that can help you out with how to use the current editor.