Back with a Vengeance... rotation post

Howdy all -

It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to sit and durdle with my tank rotation stuff. I had a pretty good time last time, so figured I’d post some more of my +TUF / +DPS tweaks. Couple things here… First, this is a real rough draft. I can’t stress that part enough hah :laughing:. There’s likely ways to get more +TUF or more +DPS or both, but this was a good enough starting point. Secondly, this rotation uses action lists based on conditions like HealthPercent and SecondsUntilBigHit. I had been wanting to play around with prioritizing these sorts of conditions, as it ‘feels’ more similar to how I tank… Reacting to my health bar and/or preparing for predictable incoming damage, that sort of thing.

Ex: BigWigs gives me a 5 second countdown for an incoming unavoidable hit, so I’ve got time for a couple of globals if I feel I need to do something outside of the default rotation… Or my health dips <25%, where I might pop a health pot or maybe double up DS with Meta, where elsewhere in the rotation this might be overkill (or maybe it still is - Rough drafts and all).

Thirdly, it’s only setup for 1-2-1-3-x-2-2 since that’s primarily what I use. If there’s anything useful here anyone wants to adopt, I’m sure it can be modified accordingly.

Here’s a link to the rotation:

I’ve bumped the Raid Tanking sim up to +4/+5, and was seeing anywhere from 1-5% improvement in TUF rating. Nothing too major, but I suspect there’s room for improvement. DPS numbers are a bit higher since I’ll jump through whatever hoops to get more SpiritBomb damage over SoulCleave. But I’m sure the default rotation’s handling of SoulCleave logic can be applied here for increased +TUF benefit at the expense of a small DPS loss.

Heyo !
I like what you did here, good work !
I’m far from a dh tank specialist 3 things i would like to point out:

  • When you will get a big hit (magical or physical what ever) shouldn’t you go with stacking souls and directly after use spirit bomb with 5 souls rather than use soul cleave for 2? From a healer prospective, with a dh what will kill you is most likely the melee hit right after the big hit, not the big hit itself. If you are at 50% heal an holy paladin will top you off in less than 3s but if you take more dmg, other healer need to go on you and it can take between 3 and 6s (2 GCD = 2 melee hit prossibly). So, my point is, more anticipation to get bigger heal after a shot and not stay at 25%-30% life after a hit (like the log shows me here: t=45s Not Available)
  • The second point i would like to make if more about the state of health. Especially the extrem ones.The <25% threshold, you are using all of your Cd’s without trying to heal you. So you are using 2 Cds + 1 pots for potentially one hit ? For a tank heavy fight like fetid, it doesn’t sound right for me.
  • Last one is more around Pain. For what i know before a big hit you need to load your pain before the same way you do with souls. For the same raison, in the rotation i would maybe add somethings like “Pain state” in function of “do you have enough Pain to do Spirit Bomb => Rapture => Sou cleave” for the next big hit?

In any mean i want to reduce the work you’ve done, that still an improvement and a great job !

Well, technically you can stack souls for post-hit, and I’ve done that in very few scenarios… Maybe M-Grong’s throw (Souls + SpiritBomb mid-air can sometimes help)… But there’s times it works the other way, where the melee before the big hit gets you too low for the big hit. I tend to err on the side of just executing my DPS rotation and letting high Versatility gear / Tanky azerite traits fill in the gaps on more difficult encounters.

The Soul Cleave for 2 comes up far more often in the default rotation, which is why I use my own to limit that. In mine, it’ll only trigger if you’re sub 75%, there’s 2 or fewer souls, and it’s your last GCD before a big hit. Or if you’re sub 50% and there’s 2 or fewer souls. Even then, in practice, I tend to still hit fracture and spirit bomb for a bigger heal. But the script seems to prefer more Soul Cleaves sub 50%, so I left that one there.

As for the < 25% threshold, if I’m understanding it correctly, if the health pot takes me out of < 25% range, then no further actions execute from that list and the script moves on. If the pot doesn’t help and/or it’s on CD, then all the < 25% action list does is try to double up on CDs so I can try to survive (prioritizing CDs that are off the GCD so that this next GCD can be spent on a heal or a fracture). It should still hit the < 50% list after checking for CDs in the < 25% list, and attempt to spend my GCD on a cleave or spirit bomb if there’s souls. If there’s no souls at that point, it then moves on until it hits fracture in the standard rotation to generate souls.

Anywho, it’s just a rough draft anyhow - I’ll have to try some new things, see what we get.

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Interesting stuff. I’ll definitely check it out and try to merge some of the improvements into the default rotation if possible.

Right on - It’s a different way of handling cd’s, so accounting for all specs and cd’s could be a bit of a pain.

I guess you could also go pretty deep by analyzing current stat values for armor/versa/absorbs (using “TotalArmor” / “TotalVersatility” etc). But, eh… You probably shouldn’t be required to be an actual Robot in order to run your rotation. The big upside of that, obviously, would be a rotation that generically accounts for whatever rng trinket and defensive azerite traits might be active. Enough stars align, for example, and you might not need a DS/FB/etc sub 50%.

I might dabble with it anyhow just to see what that looks like. Probably a big mess, but… If it seems good, maybe I’ll make (or find) a weakaura tracker for %mitigation and see how much of my attention it’s taking away from raid awareness.