Balance druid, BiB still having issues

Didn’t find the BiB accurate, so I did a simple sim,

This is my BiB sim for multi target:

This is my sim where all I switched was the IFE legendary ring for SotA:

Over 100k DPS difference in favor of SotA.

I basically only use Mr.Robot for my balance druid, and I haven’t been able to confidently use it for a while now. Is there still a fix incoming or should I revert to simcraft for now?

I’m not sure if they had time to rerun the gearing strat, after fixing the bugs, before they left on holiday.

Your best option, for now, is to run a gearing strat with the two legendaries you want to use equipped and use that for ranking.

I don’t see any balance changes in the patch notes. So I don’t think they need to rerun the gearing strategy for changes specifically.

I do, however remember Yellow saying something about the talent rings are causing some problems. He said he had a proposed fix for the issues people have been having with it. Unfortunately he wasn’t able to rerun the strategies before he left for vacation (that or they error’d out during running)

EDIT: Could you provide your Export String and I could take a look at what’s causing the huge DPS decrease.

Additionally, the adaptive gearing strat appears to be using the Mythic+ boss script, not the Sasszine script. Comparing the setups on the M+ script, they’re well within optimization error bounds.


If you want a Sasszine based strategy, you’ll have to run your own.


Good catch! I didn’t even notice that. That seems to be the issue.