Balance Druid Food?

Hi everyone,

Since AMR has been changing in the past few months I’ve become a little confused as to which secondary stat food I should use as balance. The Stat Goals chart over best in bags seems to sometimes change which bar is larger as I optimize my gear. It was mastery, now its haste, and mastery is equal to crit…

Should I always be using one certain type of food or should I just pick the food based on whichever bar is the largest? I read a little about the chart and I only half get what its saying.

With how the chart looks now, I would assume that I need to use haste food right now? But if the bright part of the bars represent gear I could change out without having a large impact on overall performance then it looks like it doesn’t matter?

I could be completely wrong, I really don’t know. I like to use AMR so I don’t have to worry about this stuff anymore and can use my time playing the game instead of figuring out stat weights.

Thanks for any help in advance! :slight_smile:

From my understanding of how the new graphs work, as long as the amount of stat. you have is in the ‘bright’ part of the graph, you’re in the ‘good to go’ zone… the darker parts would tend to imply a minimum required to work well.

I, too would go with Haste food for the spec. in question - food buffs are pretty much a temporary thing & I can’t say for certain that food/flask buffs are factored into the graphs.

@yellowfive - is that a fair assessment…?

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There’s really no simple answer… the graph tells us that for a balance druid there are combinations of stats all over the board that work well.

It probably doesn’t matter much what food you use. There are probably more combinations of gear with high haste that are good, so haste is a safe bet. The difference in damage you will see due to food is so small that what really matters is if you have food or don’t have food, not what food you use.

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