Balance Druid Gearing (especially for Gul'Dan)

Can we talk about Heroic Gul’Dan and gearing strategy?

I’m having a crisis of faith in my AMR build strategy.
So far in Nighthold heroic my gearing strat is based on either Mythic+ or Spellblade Auriel sims.
It puts me at 10% haste 84% mastery, 26% crit with full mastery gems and enchants.

But there is one big problem. Balance druid is all about Starfall. Starfall currently is affected by haste (until fix in 7.2). Therefore stacking haste with gems and gear is currently rewarded.
Top balance druids with similar ilevel and legendaries as me seem to be stacking a lot of haste instead of mastery.

This will probably change at 7.2 but right now I need to get enough dps to not get kicked from heroic Gul’dan pugs…

So what do I do with my gear? I’m concerned that a single-target Ursoc/Krosus based gearing strat will not be right.

You AMR min-maxers have been trying to convince us to not go based off stat weights. But looking at Noxxic it might be better for this fight with its recommendation of:
Haste [12.07] > Intellect [10.57] > Mastery [9.07] > Crit [7.57] = Versatility [7.57]

I am sure some of my issue is just “get better” at rotation and I will. But I don’t want my gear to cripple me.

Thoughts? What would you advise given my legendaries and low item level (895 is low as of march 2017 but I switched from Feral and hit hurt me some)

If I look at the mythic+ gearing strategy we have pre-calculated, as an example, I’m seeing that it wants a lot of mastery and haste. Mastery a bit higher than haste, but, still a lot of haste. Have you tried using the machine learning instead of the weights? I’d have to see your specific character’s gear to give more specific advice on your stats.

895 is not a low gear level for heroic, btw. Maybe for pugs where people want to out-gear the content and smash it it feels low.

I have tried machine learning gearing strategy based on Ursoc, Krosus, Mythic+ and Spellblade that AMR supplies as models.
Mostly I have run with Mythic+ based machine learning gearing strat.
Today based on research and input from Druid Discord I tried a new set of stat weights which put mastery just slightly above Haste and it made my haste 20% and mastery 80% or so. I did a bit better in some normal fights tonight but haven’t gone back to Gul’Dan. The mythic+ Machine learning strat got me to only 10% haste which seems too low.

Character is

That is a few swapped out items from what I was trying to run gul’dan heroic with last weekend.

I am getting some recommendations to run a hybrid talent spec in gul’dan but that will have to read up more on how to execute on that.