Balance Druid Incorrect Trait Recommendations (Best In Bags)

Hey AMR,

Wanted to start off by saying thank you for such an incredible BFA resource. I rely on your site for SO many different aspects of my character optimization.

One thing that has been bugging me is how BIB selects traits for Balance Druids.

Right now, the agreed upon traits for Balance Druid AOE (5+ mobs) is 3 lunar shrapnel. ST revolves around 3-stacking streaking stars. This is undoubtedly the case, especially given how much Balance DPS relies on their azerite traits (arguably more than ANY other DPS by a considerable margin).

BIB does not recommend either of these traits when I select Multi-Target or Single Target.

Is there a setting I’m missing or a reason for this?

Thank you!

If you link your export string from the addon I can check it out for you.