Balance Druid - shouldn't Upgrade Finder and BiS be the same?


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Was reviewing what to spend Antique Bronze Bullion for on my Balance Druid - Dreambinder was the #1 ranking by a large margin, almost 15% over the #10 ranking of Vakash, which at the same upgrade level is showing as my BiS main hand item (+ an offhand).

I suspect this is a 2H vs. MH+OH issue, but to tie it out - if Vakash + OH is truly the BiS weapon solution for my spec, shouldn’t that be better represented in the Bullion upgrade finder? How much better is Vakash + Thadrion’s Erratic Arcanotrode (what’s showing as BiS for me) vs. the 2H Dreambinder? How would I be able to compare that in the UI to make the call on how to spend bullion? (also interesting that the Arcanotrode isn’t the highest-listed offhand in the upgrade finder, at #37)

Guess there’s discussion about cost as well since I’d need two items (and spend more bullion / more time farming the item in raids) instead of one.

The whole 2H vs MH+OH issue in ranked lists has always been difficult to handle… no matter how you do it, you need to make significant assumptions about what items will be paired. We can take a look to see what’s up in this particular case. It probably has something to do with the fact that you have no OH items in your bags… we have used various techniques over the years, I believe that right now we are always pairing with the best item that you currently own.

Is there a way of telling in ARM something of the scenario “If you want to spend 2 bullion go with Dreambinder, but if you want to spend 4 (or some other equivalent) go with Vakash + Arcanotrode?”