Balance druid showing 45k M+

Hi all

My Balance druid sims in AMR @ 45k Mythic+.
I get NOTHING like that, I mean 23-27k average total.

GIT GUD?? Yer I thought that but I parse 95% on Warcraft logs in Raids and Season 2 on my DK I ranked 9th overall dmg on raider io.

So am I getting it totally wrong in M+ as Balance? or the sims just totally miles away from right?

During a mythic+, I’m sure your damage spikes up to even more than 45k sometimes. We don’t simulate an entire dungeon, we simulate a portion of it that includes a pull of 4, 6, 4, 2, followed by a short boss. It is meant to be representative so that we can rank gear that is good for the mythic+ setting. The simulation is not meant to predict your actual DPS for a whole run of a dungeon. It would be possible to script an entire dungeon for a specific path and simulate it, but we haven’t gone that far down the rabbit hole. We have found that the mythic+ simulations generally do a good job of giving us data we can use to pick the gear people expect for doing well in mythic+.