Balance Druid stat weight issues

Had Mr. Robot help me look at gear a little, what I noticed was however some weird results. As you get increased crit, Mr. Robot starts beliving that your crit has reached a hard cap. I believe this must be some confusion that happens when we reach crit soft cap, but even then there is still wrath that can crit as well as starfire when not in lunar eclipse, trying to enter solar eclipse.

I would need a specific example to comment further. It is possible that once you have a certain amount of crit, getting other stats increases your DPS more. The optimizer is looking for the setup that scores highest, which is the setup that gets the most DPS. There is no code that looks for, or cares about, specific “caps” that may or may not exist.

If you just enable all gear for balance druid and phase 5 then sim, press “Find best in slot”, you will see that +22 stamina is considered +0.00% dps from nitro boots (24 crit). The shoulder enchant also places 24sp15crit as equal to 24sp8mp5 and you see the same for head slot with 30sp10crit being considered equal to 30sp10mp5. So at this point, the sim just thinks crit has a value of 0, which is incorrect.

This is actually a bug with the Idol of the Lunar Eclipse – a missing decimal place in the estimate made it give way too much crit! We’ll fix that in the next site update today or tomorrow.