Balance heroic raid BiS

Something odd happening here, BiS is only choosing two piece tier bonus when set to heroic only with M+ 15 vault.
Setting it to full mythic raid gear gives a more sensible result.

Given we’ll be able to make mythic tier gear, with the Creation Catalyst - assuming we get the correct pieces in the weekly vault - is there a way of incorporating that into BiS without selecting all of the mythic raid @yellowfive?

I’ve worked part of it out!
I was poking it a bit more an noticed that it wasn’t choosing conduits but there was no Unlock All button.
I guess last time I was poking it I’d changed something and, somehow, locked in Dreamweaver but also set no path. I’m not sure how I managed that.

However after unlocking the, empty, path it is still only choosing two piece bonus with only heroic raid gear and +15 vault.

I checked it out… and with these constraints, the solution it finds actually makes sense, at least according to the simulator.

Do you think there is some clever way to make more use of the set bonus than what I have in the simulator right now?

I don’t know, it’s an off-spec to me so I didn’t look into it much, I was just surprised that the set bonus wouldn’t be chosen as reduced cost to the spender sounds like a good thing!
I was only looking to see where I should recraft my Arcanic Pulsar.

I try to keep the set updated as there’s bound to be a boss where the team needs less melee and more ranged, so I might have to swap. :frowning: