Balanced (Not the Spec) DPS Parameters within BiB, Gear Strat, and BiS

Hi! Something that I’ve always thought would be a good feature would be a way to create a sort of balanced DPS set within the AskMrRobot environment. We have Single and Mythic+ settings as a form of single and AoE variants, but a nice middle ground can be sometimes needed with a sort of slider similar to how the Tank version of AMR’s BiB feature slides between more damage vs overall heavy durability. I figure something like this would be useful say on Tyrannical days where heavy single-target tank damage is key to success, yet you wouldn’t wanna fully sacrifice AoE for the trash packs to navigate the dungeon. The inverse would be true for the Fortified Dungeon weeks.

I dunno, I was just wondering what others may think of the idea? If such a thing, if found interesting, might gain traction. It may be a cool feature to include within the AMR toolset, apart from some of the many amazing features already included. Lemme know that you guys think. Thanks guys. :smiley:

Yeah, you could theoretically score a set of gear with both strategies and then apply some sort of weight to each strategy. You’d have to decide what you are going to use as a relative standard… like, do you measure as a % of optimal performance? Or is losing 5k dps in single target ok to gain 10k dps in multi-target? Even if that is a 5% loss in single target and a 2% gain in multi-target? There are a lot of ambiguities like that which start to come up when you begin to try to mash things up like that.

We have given some thought as to how you could find a good “general” set of gear that works well for all situations. Our scripts we use try to strike that balance for people in a lot of ways. It is an interesting problem that we revisit from time to time.