Band of Eternity is P2

Not P3 as wowhead suggests. This is true just for the ilvl 128 (the MH attunement reward). There are other, higher ilvls coming with Hyjal reputation, that would be P3. So you should fix the 128 being available already.

I posted an update that changes the ilvl128 versions to phase 2.

Take a look at this: a8f6c36340a24210823fa303bb8e8159
ring selected in Best in Slot when P1 is selected only.

I can take a look… I think that once a phase has been reached, it doesn’t actually allow you to back to a previous phase. Phase 1 should have been removed from the pick lists.

Ah, makes sense I guess. I just didn’t know that is a thing. You got to kill KT and Vashj tho. If you want to be precise, maybe make the item conditional to be shown only when those two are checked? Easy fix would be forbiding the item manually ofc.

EDIT: Nvm, you probably want to have it shown in Best in Slot function anyway… its the “BiS” after all.