Batch fights based on unique criteria

Would it be possible for the Shadow lands simulator to be able to batch certain types of fights based on a few different criteria?
Like for instance, Being able to do 10 second fights, 45 second fights, 5 minute fights, 10 minute fights and then get a report on the best Talents, stats, etc based on each catagory? I know that would increase the simulation time but I think it would be helpful. As an example the talent on Demon Warlock “Doom” is a very slow burn skill because it only does its damage after 16 seconds into the fight. If the fight was to last for 10 seconds then that wouldnt be a very appropiate talent for open world fights versus raid fights.

Another thing that I think would be nice is the ability to priotise a certain stat by sliding a percentage. For example I want to slide haste to 15% and have the other stats dynamically update based on what a “reasonable” stat layout would look like, So like what would 15% haste, 20% critical strike, 10% mastery, 8% vers look like differently then another stat distribution.
I hope this all makes sense. I’ve been a fan and customer of your service for 5 years now and I absolutely love what you have provided over the years!!

Please let me know if this is even possible.
I use the export to CSV function to mess around and it would be nice to compare different batches as well as different talent builds as well to measure the relative marginal gains and losses based on different complex criteria in one go instead of setting up 10 different simulations.

Something that I think would be nice is to break them down into their batches, then with the ability to compare the best of both batches, and the average of both batches side by side. I know this is a big ask but I would absolutely love that. :slight_smile:

Oh, another thing I came across with that helped me come up with this idea is how some talents change based on stat priorities. Like if I max haste on my Rogue I don’t need to take the energy talents anymore because my haste makes up for it so i could use a different talent that I favor. Just things like that made more clear with extra options for sim junkies like me.

We can certainly put some feature requests on the list for batch simulations – but I can’t give you an estimate of when they would be available. We’re pretty buried with preparing for Shadowlands right now.

For fight length, you can already vary that in a batch. Under the Other category, Script Options, you can set a range. For example, you could set a min of 60 sec, max of 300 sec, and a step of 60 sec to do 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 minute fight lengths. It will try every combination of other things you have specified at each of those fight lengths.

For stats, you can do something similar to what you describe with the Stats section, for example:

This setup will do 100 random combinations of the specified stat ranges. Those ranges will keep your budget around an item level 200 player, and vary the relative amounts of crit, haste, mastery, and versatility. For example, it might randomly choose the combo 1, 2, 5, 10, in which case for every 1 crit you’d have 2 haste, 5 mastery, and 10 versatility.

You don’t have to use random, but I generally find it useful when analyzing stats to do something like this where I specify a large range of possible stat combos and randomly sample them.

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Thanks for the responce! I will check all those features out!

By budget you mean its calculating based on what stats you could feasibly have at that item level correct?

The amount of stats you have on each item is determined by an item budget, which scales with item level. If you keep your average item level constant, this mode will vary the stats within that available budget.

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Thank you for being so quick to answer! There’s nothing like a well setup simulation that takes 7 hours to process! I’m a data analyst training to become a data scientist so I love huge excels with thousands of data points to dig into and draw meaning out of.

You may want to seek a mental health professional. (Oh wait, I guess I sort of do the same thing.)

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